Parent & Me

Get in the water with your child and join in on the learning fun

Parent & Me

Core Skills

Learn Together

Our Parent and Me classes introduce your baby to the water, build on their natural instincts and appeal to their curiosity and play. Classes provide an amazing bonding experience for parent & child and aid in both cognitive and physical development. Parent and baby will learn the basics of breath control and buoynacy while singing songs and activities.

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Parent & Me

1 Lesson Per Week
$ 102* Monthly
  • Monday - 1:10pm & 7pm
  • Tuesday - 1:10pm
  • Wednesday - 1:10pm & 7pm
  • Saturday - 10am, 10:30am, & 1pm
  • Registration Fee for New Students
  • Average Monthly Cost @ $25.50 per lesson ( 5 week months = $128)

Parent & Me Lessons

Instruction Includes:

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