Private Lessons

Learn how to be pool safe and become a great swimmer 

Learn To Swim The Aqua Duk Way

Every child is unique and this is especially true when it comes to learning to swim. Some students have no fear and will run and jump into a pool while others are more hesitant around water. Some have no problem going with a new teacher and other experience more separation anxiety. Some learn quickly while others need a slower more gentle approach. This is why at Aqua Duks Swim School, aside from our parent and me class, we only offer private lessons. 

Private lessons offer:

  • Increased safety – Instructors give their full undivided attention to your child and do not have to manage multiple young children learning to swim at once
  • Tailored instruction – Our instructors cater the instruction to the students skill and comfort level going as slow or fast as needed to achieve success
  • Consistency – Private lessons allow you to have the same instructor, the same day, and same time each week. No need to change instructors when you complete a level, our instructors can teach your child from start to finish
  • Teacher student relationships – Our instructors build strong bonds with their students leading to swim time being children’s favorit time each week.
  • Flexible scheduling – Lot’s of lesson time options as you are not restricted to particular skill levels. Students are able to enroll in any open class.
  • Increased communication – Our instructors have time each week to give parents feedback on the lessons and progress and welcome information from parents as well.
  • Progress – For all the reasons listed above, private lessons lead to faster progress and happier more confident students 

Private Lessons

1 Lesson Per Week
$ 200* Monthly
  • Registration Fee For New Students
  • Average Monthly Cost @ $50 per lesson ( 5 week months = $250)

Private Lessons

Our Private Swim Instruction Includes:


We Meet Children At Their Level